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Wow, I can't believe it's already been another two years since the last time I did an update. I should have read that post to see what I posted that has changed or updated, but I didn't... well, I'm still kind of working, but it looks like they are trying to terminate me again over stupid stuff... they tried to in December, but they couldn't, so they brought me back after being on suspension for two weeks... Now they are trying it again as of today... Ever since they had to bring me back they have tried to use any little thing against me, stupid little things... I knew I should have just started looking for another job right away when I came back, but I wanted to give them another chance as well and not just have then waist their time bringing me back and then I be the one being an ass and quitting shortly after.. So much for trying to care for a company that obviously doesn't care about their employees... I mean hell, I and maybe one other person is still there from my training class, I actually might be the only one left to be honest..

So now have to wait to see what happens, but this time it doesn't look good, I didn't realize how vague and open to interpretation the wording they used on the write up till today when they used it against me... It's a long story, but basically getting in trouble because someone complained on social media supposedly because nothing could be done to get her what she was wanting and I was the one who got her last, but I was the one trying to do everything I could to help them, I even escalated to the highest level because I didn't want to be the one to tell her it couldn't be done.. my sup was right there when that call happened and was even the one that closed it out and even said I did everything right and all that I could, but because she blasted directv and AT&T supposedly and mentioned me or cause I was tied to it, they went back trying to use that and anything else to use against me saying I'm being argumentive.... Sometimes you have to tell people no and it's not being argumentive or rude... Plus no one complained, buts it's how they the sups took it and this was going to other calls we already reviewed and a couple had a thing or two that could have been done different or said different and I was coached on it and learned and didn't do it again and we moved on... Plus if it was so bad at the time they should have done something more then, but didn't cause it wasn't bad or anything...

But since this time they did have me on a write up, it's going to justify their decision and like I said, it's little things like that they have been trying to use..

Other than that, things were going good. My Cpu is still down, but I just got a new phone that is basically like a CPU, so that's how I'm able to post now... Before I was just using the free phone the last two years.. Of course when things starting to go good, something has to happen... I just got everything paid up and caught up to and now if I do get let go, I'm going to get screwed and behind again.. Also just got a car again a few months ago as mine broke down just after I got this job I'm at now two years ago and was using the bus...

Going to try and keep my head up though... it's so hard to not get down on things though as nothing seems to ever work out... I should hopefully find out by Tuesday or Wednesday the latest on what is going to happen... It's a shame though to have a sup you can't trust and goes and stabs you in the back after acting like your doing a good job and doing these shady things like tracking every little thing to use against you... I have a feeling she was getting in trouble for something and used me to make her look better... They shouldn't be able to use something against you that already happened and was talked about and moved on... Like I said, if it was so bad then they should have said and done something then, not 2-3 months or weeks later...

How are things with you Alley? Is the site still being updated or have you moved on from modeling? I know you were doing the nursing/medical school or job, how is that going? How is your brother doing? I really hope he has been able to do better in that area...

Other than this job issue, things are good... my kids have grown oh so much, my two girls are living on their own, one will be 19 next month and my other one 18 in Jan... Just my son lives with me now and he is 14, he'll be 15 in Jan as well lol.. he starts high school this Monday already... time flies by so fast... I so miss when they were still kids and like under 12 lol... This year would have been my 20yr high school reunion, but doesn't look like they had one... everyone I know from high school didn't get anything and never found anything about there being one... Can't believe it's been that long for me...

Well I better get going... I really hope Alley and all the other regulars that was around when I was a member is doing well...

Catch y'all later,

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