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First of all, Alley, I'm going to reiterate some of Ronald's ideas and post some of my own.

[1] Boyfriend POV Stripper Pole Dance Video - I come home and see a stripper pole (they're now portable) in a room (like a bedroom or a living room) with a sign on it that says "Sit" so I sit. Then you peek your head around a corner or a curtain and say something like we went to a local gentlemen's club to see what it was like. Both of us enjoyed ourselves so you thought of bringing the experience home with a performance of your own. Wink You then cut on some music, proceed to twirl around the pole and strip for me. While doing so, I could 'make it rain' by tossing dollar bills on you while you're on your hands and knees shaking your butt and when you're on her back spread eagle. woot Afterwards, you will ask if I liked it (of course I'll nod "Yes" woot ) and then say if I'm good, you'll do it for me again sometime. You could also pick up the money (a huge wad) and use it to fan yourself because you worked up a sweat. Wink Twisted Evil

[2] BF POV Spanking video - You accidentally break something or do something wrong and then you have to pull down your pants (with a thong on), lay on my lap and get spanked. If you break something huge (or does something wrong), then you would have to pull down both your pants and thong and be spanked. I could also grab and rub your butt while you're doing it. Afterwards, you could say you was doing it on purpose the whole time. Wink

[3] Perv POV Alley and model spanking each other Video - I sneak in on you and another model playing a spanking game, spanking each other's bare bottoms.

[4] BF POV Oral Video - I could be working/typing at my computer when you walk in. You're mad that I'm not paying attention to you so you vow to distract me. You starts by stripping in front of me but I continue to work (camera switches back and forth between you and the computer screen). You then gets on your hands and knees and crawls to me but I continue to keep typing with the camera switching between you and the computer screen. You get to my lap and say 'I know what will work' and proceed to unzip my pants. The camera then switches to the computer screen and I'm still typing. You can hear the sound of the zipper being unzipped, pants being unbuckled, and of you making 'noises'. Wink I'll occasionally look at you 'going down' while I type. You have long hair so you could use it to hide/mask what you're doing. You could also see the top of your head moving up and down while I type. I could also rub your shoulders and grab the back of your head at times. When I 'cum', the camera could be on the computer screen as I've completely stopped typing. The camera could then switch to you as you say something like 'My job is done; you can go back to work...if you can!". If you use your man again, the video could be an even bigger concept. You can decide on how wild you two get and how much to show, especially the aftermath!!! Wink Twisted Evil

[5] Perv POV Sunbathing Video - I sneak into your backyard as you're lying on a lawn chair in a bikini sunbathing. I 'sneak' up closer to you while you're lying down with headphones on. You could then move around, forcing me to hide. You could then get nude, rub sun lotion all over your body, and sunbath again. I 'sneak' up on her again while you're lying down. I could accidentally knock something down, causing you to be startled. I could either run, have you try to cover yourself (half-heartedly), or say something like as long as you're here, you might as well put some lotion (or anything else) on my back! Wink woot You could also lie flat on your back, hear me, think it's your man, and ask if I could put lotion on your back.

Now my own ideas:

[6] BF POV Strip Blackjack/Poker Video - you and I playing strip blackjack/poker (or even, for laughs, Go Fish). You could have me down to my boxers as you have won every hand so far but I make a miraculous comeback and start winning, forcing you to start taking of your clothes. A final hand/winner-takes-all results in me winning and you completely naked. You could then look at me being 'excited' and say that we were both winners as you approach me with that come-hither look in your eyes as the screen goes to black.

[7] BF or Perv POV Limbo Video - I (as either BF or perv, though it might work better as BF) could watch you limbo. You would be wearing a low-cut top and a short skirt as I lower the bar. When you limbos, your top should ride up, exposing your breasts. You also could be with or w/o underwear so I could zoom in on you from the bottom.

[8] Perv POV Nude Yoga/Workout video - I peek as you either work out or does yoga exercises nude. You should emphasize on your flexibility, especially your legs. Shocked

Those are a few of my ideas. Please let me know what you think. Very Happy
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 14, 2009 7:36 pm  Reply with quote
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Maybe there could be a video of Alley doing something like an ode to the burlesqe shows back in the day. Alley could do a feather show, using big feathers to hide her body as she dances. She could have her hair fixed up to reflect the times. Something to think about at least.
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 28, 2012 7:46 pm  Reply with quote
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can't believe it's been so long since we've gotten one of these!

...just wondering if you were going to make anymore PPV videos for us??
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